How to promote an account on Tik-Tok

Tik-Tok, a social network focused on video content, has long passed the threshold of 1.5 billion downloads from the App Store and Play Market. Every day users spend an average of 52 minutes on social networks and this time is only growing! Previously, Tik-Tok was considered an app for schoolchildren, but since 2018 there has been a steady growth in an older and more solvent audience (21+).

In today’s article, we’ll discuss several options for promoting an account on TikTok. Why you should do it right now:

the network is relatively young,
there is not as much competition as in conventional Instagram,
promotion budgets from scratch have not skyrocketed yet.
The good news is that while there are free promotion methods and paid ones, but with minimal investment. Let’s talk about each of these methods below.

How to prepare for promoting your account on Tik-Tok

We adhere to a simple rule: if the account is not completed, there is little content and it is of poor quality, then it will be difficult to advance and ensure the growth of subscriptions. Here you can, get tiktok views — completely free.

The first steps to register an account are as follows:

make out a profile by clicking “Change profile”: login, profile name, description; Keep in mind that your nickname can be changed once every 30 days;
we put down links to existing social networks;
we transfer the account to pro-mode (in the «account management» section), this will allow you to select a profile category, run ads and view statistics;
Now let’s talk about 5 free and shareware ways to promote your Tik-Tok account:

A proven “old-fashioned” method that showed itself well at the dawn of promotion on Instagram: likes, comments, subscriptions. Tick-tok does not prohibit the use of third-party mass-following and mass-following services: such applications scrape users by hashtags or competitors and add likes themselves, thus automating routine and long work.

There are several services similar in functionality, where you can set up and launch automatic subscription to users by competitors or hashtags, for example, TikTok Tool, Tokker, TikTokHelper.

We translate traffic from existing social networks

The idea is simple: if you already have an account in social networks with an active audience, then it is logical to tell this audience that you have started Tik-Tok and you can be followed on the new platform. This works in the opposite direction: you can provide links to your Instagram and in the Tik-Tok account, transferring subscribers to the old account.

Collaborations and reactions

Good old mutual PR. One of the specific Tiktok promotion options is shooting a duet or sharing a video with another blogger. Usually tick-tokers with approximately the same number of subscribers go to such «barter». If a beginner blogger turns to a big one, then recording a joint video is most likely for money. Collaboration is a quick way to tell the audience about yourself, the only drawback is the time spent on correspondence and discussing the format and conditions with bloggers.

Another popular type of TikTok content is reactions. You are filming your video reaction to a popular video, you can also use the “duet” video recording function for this.


What do all bloggers want on Tiktok? Of course, rank in the top for popular hashtags. If you want to advance by hashtags, then the algorithm of actions is as follows:

we collect and study popular hashtags on your topic (this can be done through services like Tokker and analogues);
We put several popular hashtags on our video, diluting with several less popular ones;